Hammock Loop Adjustor

Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
Hammock Loop Adjustor
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A perfect companion to your aerial hammock, these make it easy to change the height without interrupting your yogic flow too much (you still have to get out of the hammock we're afraid) WLL: 150kg

Product Description

Designed by Prodigy to make the act of adjusting your hammock height as easy as possible, these O-ring adjustors are easy to set up, and even easier to operate! These are designed for use in mostly ground based restorative and meditative practice. These are not intended for dynamic, performance based hammocks.

The O rings on these are smaller than the usual O rings supplied with our hammocks, and measure 50mm across internally with an 8mm wire (so a 66mm external diameter)
These adjusters come as a pair, and need to be rigged as a pair, one at each end of your fabric. If multiple pieces of fabric are fed through one, there is a risk they will slip over each other, however, you can rig both adjusters from the same rigging plate to keep a 1-point hammock rigging setup.

These adjusters use the weight of the user to lock the hammock in place while in use, as long as there is weight in the hammock, these aren't going anywhere!
This also means that all you have to do to adjust them is stand up! There are no knots to undo and re-tie, or even carabiners to unclip, just pull the fabric through the loop, apply a bit of pressure, and they will lock again.

  • Manufacturer Prodigy
  • Country of Manufacture UK
  • Working Load Limit: 150kg
  • Breaking Load Limit: 20kN

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