Aerial Straps Pair, white

Aerial Straps Pair, white
Aerial Straps Pair, white
Aerial Straps Pair, white
Aerial Straps Pair, white
Aerial Straps Pair, white
Aerial Straps Pair, white
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100% polyester, strong and comfortable aerial straps with 30cm hand loops. WLL: 300kg. Sold in pairs.

The brand new Firetoys Aerial Straps are made from smooth, 45mm wide, 100% polyester webbing.

This webbing is very strong with a breaking load limit of 22kN. Using a ratio of 7:1, the assigned a working load limit is 300kg.

The polyester straps are designed to be strong and supportive but also to be pliable and wrappable without adding too much extra bulk on each pass, allowing for comfortable wraps where possible. The smooth polyester webbing will remain supportive without too much abrasion, making these suitable for use on skin or on clothing (though as with any aerial straps, comfort is not guaranteed!), the flatter smoother straps such as these can be a little more 'bitey' on any wrap drops.

The hand loops measure 30cm in length and come with a sliding locking loop, allowing you to lock your wrists and ankles in for those dynamic swinging and twisting moves. This 30cm loop size also allows for most legs to fit through, making them excellent for splits moves, doubles, or inversions.

At the top rigging point of the strap, there is a smaller stitched loop, each with a provided triangular delta quicklink, allowing easy attachment into a rigging plate.

Sold as a pair.

  • Country of Manufacture: UK
  • Working Load Limit: 300kg
  • Breaking Load Limit: 22kN
  • Denier: No
  • Weight
    • 3m: 0.7 kg
    • 4m: 0.8 kg
    • 5 m: 0.93 kg
    • 6 m: 1.06 kg
    • 8 m: 1.3 kg
    • 10m: 1.6 kg

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